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Actually my previous post was a bit unfair, because catastrophic inflation is something that has actually happened, to many countries, throughout the course of history. And it's pretty awful when it does happen. There's no reason our country should be considered immune from economic and social unrest. Whether those hard times take the form of inflation, deflation, severe recession or depression, or even just long-term unemployment, doesn't really matter. In fact, it could easily be argued that for the many, many people who are out of a job right now, or have lost their homes, this is already an economic catastrophe, and has been one since around 2008.

But if there is a severe economic disaster, I don't really expect is a wave of survivalists descending on the Adirondacks, except for a few hermits here and there. Tent cities and shanty towns around major cities seems much more likely to me. In fact, I'd wager you'd see lots of people leaving rural areas and moving to cities to look for jobs.

Never hurts to be prepared for the hard times, as long as you don't end up missing out on the good times. I've seen some good people get pretty obsessed with "prepping", and it can be ugly to watch.
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