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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
I like the new photo you have here....
Let me guess again...
Is that one taken from just off of the Pillsbury Lake/Cedar Lakes trail?
Nope. It's the North Fork Boquet River just off the path to East Dix. This is just past the Shoebox swimming hole/flumes.

And more craziness, I guess this counts. When searching my photos yesterday I noticed this (I didn't notice it before) up in the trees, the photo was taken on a very foggy day recently on South Boquet Mountain where I was just snapping pictures of the woods.

Actual photo size of the thing

and if you want the Full Size unaltered Photo here

At first I thought it was just snow on the lens somehow, but looking at it you as you can see it's between branches where as if it were snow on the lens it would be in the foreground only.

And if it's a snowball, I don't know how it's being held up by the tree branch(s) like that.

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