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Like Montcalm, I would not return to leathers ether. Modern plastic boots are no heavier than a big leather boot. They are warmer and way more comfortable due to the liners, and the toe bellows just collapses when you flex your foot while striding, thus eliminating any possiblity of toe pinch common in leathers. And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the foot beds of the plastic boots are stiff tortionally. By that I mean if you take a plastic boot by the toe and heel and try to twist it you cannot, where you will be able to twist a leather boot. This is important if you want to be able to control the edges of a wide bc ski. This is a critical feature which no amount of ankle support above the sole can compensate for. The tele markdown site mentioned above has two light bc boots you might consider. I love my Garmont Excursions, and the site also lists a Crispy CXX which might also fill the bill.
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