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My Asolos are broken in, they have a couple things I don't like about them though that hurt my feet, mainly the internal plastic cuff. It doesn't conform to the heel and that's where they always hurt me.

Now if you are deadset on the Norwegian welt, the Crispi Antarctic or Sydpolen do not have any internal plastic that may hurt you. They are all leather and insulation but have the stiff, traditional Vibram sole.

I know a couple guys who use them and they love them. I'm considering getting a pair myself because there are some things I like about that old Vibram sole.

I'm told the sizing on the Sydpolen and the Antarctic is the same as the Svartisen, a touch large.

Fey Bros at Telemarkdown have them, at least in limited supply, so they may not have your size.

Neptune carries them too:

They also have the Mountains, which I would avoid. Crispi discontinued these to my knowledge but they have a major flaw. The laces don't go high enough to really seat your heel for the stiffness of the sole. I tried a pair and I was unable to get them tied so my heel would stay down. The Antarctic has a much better lacing system and a bit higher cut.

The Alaska is A GREAT boot. I had a pair of the 75mm and they are the most comfortable boot I've ever owned. An absolute joy from day one and never get worse. I ditched the 75mm version though because the duckbill is so thin and the sole so soft I had trouble really handling some of my skis on hills. It's possible, but they are bit twistier than I like. The NNN-BC version is a much different boot. The sole is incredibly stiff. You can get away with that with a toe bar pivot binding. I use both NNN-BC and 75mm, but some people just want to stick to one or the other. I like both and both have strengths and weaknesses.

Anyway, if you happen to get something from Neptune, consider treating yourself to a pair of Asnes skis. Their new XCD lineup is awesome. A little different than what is being marketed in America, but if you like wax skis that are beautifully made and designed to be skied in the mountains, they are something to consider.

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