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Check these out!

I have not had a chance to ski mine as winter (at least skiing ended a bit early). These boots are UK sized, which is one size smaller than US sizing. A UK 9 would equal a US 10.
They are a beautiful leather, stiff sides, the soles are very stiff torsionally, yet flex very nicely. They are reported to be a bit heavy by guys that ski leathers regularly. I currently ski an S=bound 112 and T-4's, I purchased this boot to lighten up both in weight and flex (this boot is lighter and flexes easier and differently than the T-4) and to match up with a 70 MM underfoot waxable double camber ski. Here is a link to the forum where I discovered this boot, and a more knowledgeable review of the boot. I am a solid skier and a competent telemarker. I am however, learning about what might be more "XCD" for lack of a better term. Here is the link, and as of today the boot is available in your size. About $80 shipped to MI from the UK
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