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Originally Posted by rdl View Post
The front extension of one of my Alico leather boots have started to separate so I need to look into either repair or replacement. The boots are in excellent shape other than that -- so I'm leaning towards repair, however I don't want to be without the boots for an extended period of time. There is no place local that would repair so I'd have to ship out.

So -- suggestions on any place that will replace the vibram base on my boot, or suggestions on online retailers other than the traditional Amazon, REI or STP?

I can get a new pair of Alicos from STP for $179, which I'll probably do if nothing better is apparent -- but would consider alternatives as well.

Usage will be ungroomed, off trail terrain in the Adirondacks and local to me,

Thanks in advance...
My old three pin shoes (not boots) would split on a line with the pins after years of use.
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