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Originally Posted by Kyler
Here is what I've noticed regarding the overlap between the individual pictures.

If I use the panorama setting on my camera (Canon), the pictures have a large overlap (almost 50%). This works well with AutoStitch. I think one of the reasons that the results are nice, is that with the large overlap, if your individual pictures have any vignetting around the edges, the software has enough overlap to avoid using that area of the picture. PhotoShop's photomerge doesn't like the large overlap, and won't automatically create the panorama. But there is a manual mode that allows you to arrange the pictures yourself, and once you have the general overlap lined up, PhotoShop figures it out and does the "fine tuning".

I have also played around with pictures that I took that were not in panorama mode, that had a much smaller overlap. With these pictures, AutoStitch wouldn't create the panorama, but PhotoShop worked without an issue.

So, I guess my advice is if your camera has panorama functionality, use that, if not overlap your pictures quite a bit for better results.
Hikersteve, this is about the best post on the subject of overlapping and autostitch.

Unfortunately autostitch is a free application, and even I have trouble every now and then getting an image to work. Generally though they work fine if you have a 10%+ overlap. I also think it's possible to overlap the images too much because I've had images that overlapped 30%+ and wouldn't work in autostitch...

The requirements for images to work in autostitch is trail and error. We're trying to figure that out now .
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