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I paddle to accomplish goals sometimes, or at least to try to accomplish them. On the first few of my annual visits to the Adirondacks by bicycle I would try to see and do too many things sometimes, and get pretty worn out. Now I try to plan some busy days and some restful ones. The first and last days are always the hardest because of the pressure to keep up the pace while riding in order to get where I'm going before dark. I like to take time to eat slowly when I'm camping, but I don't eat right in my campsite unless it's raining or it's late and the mosquitoes are out and I want to be in the tent. I usually camp near water and I prefer to take my food bag and eat somewhere with a view to look at while I chew, and preferably something like a log or a rock to sit on, or a beach to sit on with a rock to lean against. I don't cook anything when I camp, or take any dishes or utensils other than a butterknife. Not having to cook or wash dishes for a week is a nice break, and it's much easier to cook at home. One of my favorite places to eat supper or breakfast is on top of Chimney Mountain, either by the chimney or on the true summit. It's very quiet and peaceful up there when everyone else has left and the views during sunrise and sunset are really lovely.
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