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Raquette falls adventure

On April 12 , 2017 an adventure began that i would never forget. It all began at 10:30 a.m. we had set out for Raquette falls lean-to #1 when we encountered part of the trial that was flooded and had to take a little detour through part of the woods. Shortly after this detour we came across the Hemlock Hill lean-to and sent two people to scout it out but eventually decided we would just continue on. The Trail early on was very icy with a little bit of snow mixed in but was in fairly decent condition. After about a full 2 hours of hiking with our giant packs we had reached Raquette falls lean-to #2 which was very nice and even had some cooking grates and a chair at it. We had still decided hat we at least wanted to go the extra mile and check out the next lean-to and when we had got there the lean to had a whole bunch of snow around it and mud , it just looked extremely depressing for the amount of distance we had covered with our giant packs just to head back to the previous lean-to.After we had gotten back to lean-to #2 we began to start a fire and set up camp. i had been suffering from a migraine and had no medicine for it so i opted to take a nap after Hill Billy Buck had set up our tent. It was 3:00 when we had gotten all of our stuff set up and i began to nap. When i awoke i left the tent to see the other and they had gotten a nice fire going and started to cook our dinner. We had brought a cooler full of hot dogs and hamburgers and we decided to cook the hot dogs first. Randy savage cooked the hot dogs and everyone was very happy to get some food into their systems. After about another hour passed we began to cook our hamburgers and they were amazing. It was probably about 40-45 degrees during the day but at night it had dropped to about 25-30 degrees. At about 7:00 me and Hill Billy Buck had taken a 2.5 mile walk without our packs and decided to turn around at 8ish to head back to the lean-to we had gotten back at 9:00 and were completely ready for bed. When we had woken up the others started to cook breakfast we had eaten and began to clean up then began the hike out at 10:00. It was really chilly at first but as the hike went on it had gotten really hot and the extra layers of clothing began to come off. The hike out was a lot easier since we had lost quite a bit of weight from our packs since we came in. One image that stuck in my head was the really nice DEC outpost that was right before Raquette falls lean-to #1. We had gotten all the way out back out of the trail at 12:00 left the area and had a nice day.
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