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I have been searching for high-end dog packs that fit all of my needs as well as my dogs'.

a) The pack should fit the dog comfortably for extended periods of time with average to full load.
ai) Good ergonomic design with Wide (and padded) comfortable straps.
aii) No chafing. No scraping.

b) The load should NOT shift and wiggle. Just like a good human pack.
bi) Tie-downs/loop straps on the inside of the bags.

c) A good base harness with detachable saddle bags.
ci) Base harness doubles as Blaze vest.

d) Both the base harness and the bags should be bright (or Blaze) orange.
di) With reflecting stripes on both harness and bags.
dii) I would even accept Crazy-ass Chartreuse.

e) Durabilty. Ability to endure severe off-trail beatings.

The best product/design I have found is
Apparently, Extra-Small is the only size left on Planet Earth.
I spoke with Granite Gear and they have discontinued their entire Canine line of products.
I told them that they may have discontinued the best dog pack out there.

Their sizes tend to run a little large, and Medium will fit my Large dogs just fine.
I need a baker's dozen of 'em to outfit my horde of 13 Carpathian War Dogs.
But I'd be happy to find just one good pack that ticks all the above boxes.

Otherwise, I might have to teach these dogs how to sew, and start a new business.
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