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OK, so I have a little time to jot things down for the sake of my memories and maybe someone elses future trip.

Got to the trailhead around 9:00 AM, the trail register was chock full, I feebly scrawled my name and info on the margins of the last page. Later, there was a whole new set of pages, but that's another story.

As already mentioned, wheels would be of no help here. Per my GPS tracks, it's .75 miles from the road to the campsite launching (DEC sign says 0.5 miles).
As luck would have it, the winds were strong and gusting into the 20's, not the best for an empty solo canoe. Views are great from nearly every spot on the lake.

I briefly tucked in behind the little island to catch a breather, then continued on to the outlet. On the island were the remnants of someone's meals. Some sort of sailor style mussels?? Who leaves a mess like this? Otters? I think it's too far of a swim for racoons.

Oh, the views are pretty nice from the tiny island...

I poked around and checked out some of the designated campsites along the way, as well as a designated "no camping" site.
Heading towards the outlet, satellite views already told me most of the story, but it's never a substitute for boots on the ground or paddles in the water.
Here's the outlet:

Look carefully, and you'll see my white carbon copy wedged in the rocks.
Yeah, it was bony for sure.

As I was going around the bony sections, I saw a cable crossing, and the remains of a crib dam. I didn't know there was ever a dam on Rock Lake...

Below the rock gardens and dam remnants, there's a fair amount of flatwater. Probably not enough to justify carrying around the bony stuff for a casual visit, but logistically sufficient to shorten a trip to more navigable parts of the Rock River.

Leaving the boat behind (this was a recon trip) I buchwhacked through the mostly open hardwoods to intersect the Rock River trail.
While I did see evidence of a previous hiker, the trail is quite overgrown with much deadfall and seemingly very little use. It is marked though...

Eventually, I reached the Rock River near the confluence with Dun Brook. The paddling below the dam and rock garden could shorten the carry along the marked trail to just 1.0 miles. The potential bushwhack carry from the river to trail intersection would not be for the faint of heart or weak of will.

The Rock River looked great, intimate and with a slack current. Just right for an eventual through trip to either the Chain Drain or maybe the Cedar and/or Pine Lake. There was even an old primitive campsite at the end of the trail, but it's awfully close to the water.

Here's that campsite with the Rock in the background, and another photo looking downstream on the Rock.

Phew, I'm tired all over again just recounting the day's explorations!
Anyway, from my perspective (slightly masochistic and skewed towards the obscure) it looks like a Rock Lake-Rock River-Chain Drain-fill in the blank through trip is feasible. Maybe come next spring, when there's more water and less vegetation...
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