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I think regardless of your stance on Climate Change most would agree the RIT professor's suggestion is extreme and also detrimental to the discussion. I suspect we will be seeing an apology soon. I took it as comical but admit its just a logical extension of the argument that the "science is settled" and "debate over".

More interesting to me is the Gallup poll. Here are two explanations for the results from both sides of the debate. Professor Hobbit alluded to the confusion of the public about getting the message. These two articles attempt to explain the results.

First a proponent:

Here is a quote from the concluding argument:
"Whatever the reasons, those who argue climate change is the top problem of our age are no doubt aghast that even now, in 2014, Americans are not more worried or concerned than they are. A lot of the efforts to raise concern levels and awareness to date have obviously not worked well. It may be that new tactics are needed. So far, however, even if it is a case of whistling past the graveyard, Americans are clearly more focused on other issues".

Next from a skeptic:

And a quote:
"The first one has to be that the message, whatever its form, is nearly always tainted with a certain unmistakable whiff of arrogance which puts people off. There’s never an element of doubt about it, it’s simply do as I say or you’ll all die, and it comes with a none too subtle subtext of if you don’t do what I say, you’ll deserve to die. There’s simply no tolerance of dissent. They carry on like they’re our better informed superiors and that gets right up people’s noses".
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