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Originally Posted by ADK-DRIFTER View Post
I have a question to whomever has knowledge on the subject? I was once hunting with 3 friends, we were all in camo and went in different directions one day. While out, I was approached by a helicopter, black, with no markings. He seemed to pick me out with no problem even though I was motionless and again in camo. He hovered in front of me and let me know he saw me. When I arrived back at camp I found three stories being told by my friends with the exact same results. My question, I believe infra-red detection was used to find our body heat, why can't this be used to find lost hikers/hunters?..........
It can and is in different places.

One of the things about SAR is how it is implemented, the degree of training of the SAR people and the communication, coordination and CO-OPERATION among the agencies involved.

In most states, NY included, there is neither an overseeing agency nor any kind of standard. All too often various agencies are too concerned over "juristiction" and ploitics become involved. there is no "Master plan" for Search and recovery. Often there are several different groups who are vying for funding, and there is never enough for any one group to be able to have the equipment and training that is needed.

There are about six states that have SAR programs that are implemented uniformly and most of those programs have the latest technology available for SAR.

Understand that I am not disparaging ANY SAR groups anywhere, just relating the problems.

i am sure there are many right here on this forum that can relate being frustrated over juristictional issues and differences over the method of search and State, County and local clashes over "who's in charge".
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