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Wildriver: Exactly, the up-to-date data is certainly somewhere. The paper map I got from the APA a couple years ago is more up-to-date than the stuff I downloaded two days ago! I wouldn't imagine it would be very difficult to create an updated dataset, since the files are just an export from ArcGIS. But according to the APA's page describing their data CD, there was a fair amount of work involved (search for Process Description). I'm not a GIS guy, so who knows.

Antler: Yeah, I noticed terraserver (the place that hosts the topo images) is really slow today. Grrr... I guess I'm getting what I paid for.
It happens with all of them from time to time. I was not going anywhere today so it did not matter.

You did a bang up job. In addition blowing away topozone in the ADK's the same can be said for the cascades.

Oh as for the Cascades we need a measuring wheel or Tony Goodwin out here real bad. The Mountaineers published a new guide for Snoqualmie recently. The area east and a bit north of Rainier. I was looking for a short afternoon hike last fall. Found the writeup for Little Ranger Peak 5066' The guy wrote it up as 3 miles 1500 foot gain. In the summary he confirms that as "6miles round trip 1500'." Providing that info twice in the writeup it looked like it would fit the bill. Fortunately I had a trail map so I dug it out and noticed the trail head was at 2400 feet. Wait a minute! 2400 + 1500 = 3900 at least it does in the Adirondacks. Then I noticed that the trail was much more than 3 miles one way.

You can check it out using your site. Little Ranger Peak (wa) use the A balloon. The trail follows highway 410 about .4 miles east of the road for nearly 2 miles it then turns east climbing to a ridge where the topo map has a shelter marked on it. It is 7.9 miles from the parking lot to the shelter. You then follow the ridge 1.1 miles to the summit. Kinda like doing Allen ain't it? He was a bit off, his 6mile rt with 1500 foot gain turns out to be 18 miles rt with 2666 gain. So much for a short afternoon walk.

I found the first ten trails I checked were like that missing the mark by a lot. I wrote the Mountaineers pointing out the 0 for 10 asking nicely, I thought nicely, if the author actually hiked any of those trails. That was six months ago, no reply.

So send Tony Goodwin or a measuring wheel because there is a definite need.
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