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My dad grew up on Tug Hill in the early/mid 20th century, town of Montague, Sears Pond area. He often said there were no beavers anymore, as they had all been trapped out. I have many early memories as a young lad hunting and fishing with him, he carrying me across the stream to get to deep water holes full of trout.

Look at the most current edition (1943) of the USGS topo map for Sears Pond and surrounding maps. Streams with plenty of tributaries are well represented passing through green woodlands. Go there now and there are wide open beaver marshes. You can't walk any stream very far without coming across a beaver impoundment. The old out of date topo maps are virtually useless. I've been on a couple of SAR incidents there in recent years, and there is very little dry land to walk where Dad and I used to travel.
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