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Originally Posted by mulveyr View Post

You're ignoring one of the primary reasons why cyclists will control the lane when necessary; because drivers will often attempt unsafe passes when cyclists are too far off to the right. They'll try and squeeze by in the same lane, passing in some cases, mere inches from you when you're riding. If you're in the left tire track, then drivers will make safer passes in the opposite lane. It's a tried and proven technique that reduces the danger to the people who are actually vulnerable on the road.

Obviously the golden rule still applies; if there's sufficient room on the shoulder to safely ride *and* allow cars to pass safely, then that's where you should be. But--and this is something that a lot of drivers choose to ignore--cyclists are NOT obligated to go careening off the shoulder just because the driver can't maintain their patience for the very short period of time it takes to wait for a safe passing opportunity.

There's no such thing as a second-class user of the roads; we're all just trying to get somewhere, we all have people who who care for us. Sometimes that means that it takes a little extra time for everyone to make it home safely.

While cars may attempt unsafe passes if cyclists are in single file on the right, I'd venture to say they would likely attempt unsafe passes no matter where, or how far across the lane they were riding. These same drivers are probably the ones that weave in and out of traffic during rush hour. I think the key here is to show courtesy, whether you are a cyclist or a motorist. While cyclists may have the right to occupy space in the driving lane, to expect a vehicle to travel a half mile or more to wait for an opportunity to pass is probably wishful thinking. The greater the differential between the posted speed limit and the speed of the cyclist, the more likely a driver may attempt an unsafe pass--IMO. So in short, I think courtesy on both parts is what is called for. I must say I'm impressed with the discussion in this thread--I was afraid I'd be trashed after my initial post.
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