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NYS laws applying to cyclists allows them to take the lane to secure a safe line of travel. There is some interpretation that requires a decision about condition of the road.
From my years of experience commuting and cycling I have learned that the safest lane is not the shoulder. I ride the line. Drivers (most) give me more consideration when I am in the lane. My perception is that riding the lane forces drivers to pay more attention to my presence on the road. That said, there are drivers that are annoyed by the presence of a cyclist on "their" roads. These folks will flip you off, throw beer or soda, honk the horn and try to come as close to you as possible to "send a message". I have had a tractor trailer pull in on me as a "message" with the trailer closing in on me as it forced me into the guard rail. It's terrifying when it happens.
My advice is to wear bright clothing (not black!), ride the lane like it belongs to you, be prepared for cars coming up on you and pushing you off the road etc.
If you are riding in a group you are not entitled to ride side by side or to commandeer the lane. If there is traffic, pull in and give the car room to pass. It infuriates me to to see cyclists that take over the road and fill the lane. These idiots give cyclists a bad reputation and fuel bad driver behavior. In areas where cyclists travel regularly this can trigger some real and dangerous driver behavior. If I see cyclists blocking a road when I am driving I will pull up next to them when there is room and tell them to pull in. Sometimes they do. Club rides seem to draw morons together.....

Finally, when I encounter cyclists when I am driving, if they are in my lane, I slow and wait to pass safely. If they are in the oncoming lane, I move over in my lane so that cars coming from behind them have room to get around safely.

Follow the rules of the road...ride the lane...expect trouble...make eye contact at drivers some respect and expect nothing in return....hope for the best and wear a lid.
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