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Originally Posted by daxs View Post
The lease that was presented to us was for 5 years. not dozens of pages, 3 i think. legal size

From what I learned at the Cornell Symposium in Owego a few weeks ago, a 3 page lease is not comprehensive enough to protect the landowner or the land. There are too many issues. The less number of pages only benefits the gas company.
It seems that a lease is signed for 5 years,if no drilling or extraction takes place the lease expires. If ,ANY TYPE OF WORK STARTS, then the lease might run for many years longer....there have been cases in PA ,where one piece of heavy equipment unloaded on the land, means the lease is being WORKED, hence the long term extension.

PA is a model ,according to the naysayers, of what can and did go wrong with the whole process. NYS DEC, landowners, and interested parties are trying to not make the same mistakes that were made in PA.

It is not a matter of if, it is when and how the drilling will take place. The amounts of money to made are huge.As are the risks,IMHO.
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