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Very informative information like this can help bring public awareness on this question:Who owns the minerals?'' I will keep reading articles like this and ask myself: What can I do to be proactive against fracking ? hmm... Looncr/QUOTE]

Everyone can comment to NYS DEC during their comment period which ends soon. Sorry I do not have the info handy now. All comments, which will be read by DEC,should be based on FACTS! Comments made based on Feelings,etc.,, will carry no weight! Do your homework and submit VALID concerns based on the science of the moment. Look at the links in ealrier posts and do it the intelligent way! It wil take some effort,,,,
Exactly. Emotional appeals have little persuasive value for these types of issues.

As a member of the FLTC I was disappointed in the board's submission on this matter. It's little more than a statement of emotional and illogical arguments, and when it does address facts it makes overstatements that end up leaving the impression it is nothing more than a chicken litle "the sky is falling" submission.

here are a few of the items that most concerned me:

“Loss of membership – Disruption of normal trail activities and deterioration of the quality of the wilderness experience will reduce active member participation. Any reduction in membership and the pool of active volunteers will affect the overall viability of the organization.”

Bad weather, economic conditions, people having children interested in playing football instead of hiking, and a host of other reason can have the same indirect consequences. This reasoning makes the FLTC sound like an organization on the verge of collapse from disinterest. “Look, there’s a gas well. Guess it is time to resign from the FLTC…”

“Hiker safety – Trail users will be subject to safety hazards due to increased truck traffic at trail head parking lots, trail road crossings, and on road-walk sections of the trail. They may also be exposed to harmful chemicals and emissions.”

Yes, but non-trail users are subjected to increased safety hazards from trail users driving to trial heads. If that were a valid concern then both drilling and use of the trail would be prohibited.

“Landowner relations – Our revocable agreements with private landowners will be subordinate to gas company desires and the appeal of lease payments and royalties.
Likelihood of withdrawal of landowner permission will increase.”

Our revocable agreements with private landowners may be revoked because the private land owners want to do something else with their private land. If the private land owners want to continue making their land available to the FLTC they will do so, whether or not other uses for their land are available. I wonder how many will revoke their arrangement out of anger when they find out that the FLTC was arguing that private land owners should not have any other option simply because the FLTC might be harmed if other options existed.

Submissions like this neither help the cause nor the reputation of the organization submitting them.
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