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Mr Laker,
Welcome to the Forum!
I've paddled/carried to Spectacle via Good Luck many times...
If you study the topo maps, you'll see there is no waterway between Good Luck and Spectacle. There are a few small feeder streams that flow into Good Luck, but the two waterbodies are not connected in any way.

As for the dude's motivations to zip across Good Luck Lake at night, and with a motor, who knows. Good Luck is so small, it's hardly worth lugging a motor in there. It varies from year to year, but there is sometimes a beaver dam or two on the outlet of Good Luck. And why at night? He may have been disposing of a body!!

My gang of 4 was once staying at the Trout Lake lean to, on Stillwater Reservoir. In the middle of the night, we heard a small outboard nearby, and the sounds of an aluminum hull beaching. The next morning we saw a little row boat with motor, stashed in the bushes. Later that day, we paddled/carried to Witchhopple Lake (and beyond). And there, on Witchhopple, was a solitary dude with a Hornbeck and several large, black plastic bags. We attempted to make conversation, but he apparently wasn't in the mood. We later concluded that the bags contained his grandmother's body parts, and he would plan to collect her SS payments in perpetuity!
Who knows??

In all likelihood, the your mystery man may have been fishing at Spectacle, and had his boat stashed on Good Luck, out of sight.
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