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The number of healthy ties and the distance from each other simply dictate the max speed the train can go. This is a figure under their operation rules. They are added to when money becomes available using volunteers. Money is the issue whether a trail or train. The rail to trail people are, at least in one interview, banking on the recycling the metal etc. to pay to build the trail. However, at least to my knowledge, the rails belong to the railroad company... they are responsible for them- not sure they would be willing to give them away.

In another interview- i heard the rails to trails guy describe the track as a green featureless boring hallway- no reason to ride a train with no view... this is true- tracks follow the least interesting paths- this isn't the Canadian rail that has the remote Rockies to view. etc. What he failed to realize is that on a train- you have the destination to reach, and conversation and entertainment possible on board, eating and drinking.... he never did explain is why anybody will want to hike or bike the very same green featureless boring hallway that a has even less outlook from ground level or protection from the swarms of insects we all know and love.. and at (maybe) 20 minutes per mile- slow torture with the only possible entertainment of hearing your feet trudge along. Be like hiking the thruway.

Transporting hikers to other trails or boaters to various overpasses, or bikers to remote trails so they do a return trip along routes that have something to see... would seem to me to be a legitimate draw. Or those rail bikes a novelty.. As well as a trainload of riders who arrive in Lake Placid with the sole intent of eating and bopping around the shops or staying over. Hikers come, get sweaty and bitten and get in their cars and go home, maybe grabbing some gas and a sandwich. I know that's what I do 99% of the time.

Finally once its gone its gone forever- we have a train/track shortage in that area- with trails in abundance, no trail shortage.
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