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Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I apologize for the self indulgence of this response but I figure I may as well do my research here.

I'm new to GPS but here's what I thought were necessities from my 30 minutes of exhaustive research :
  • high-sensitivity receiver
  • tracks both GPS and GLONASS satellites
  • rated IPX7 water resistance
I appreciate that you used the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo as an example of one of many smart phones that would work but I researched that one specifically as it seemed a good a place to start as any.

While it tracks both satellite systems and is IPX7 compliant it does not appear to have a high-sensitivity receiver. How important is high sensitivity in the Adirondacks or anywhere else I may be using it?

Samsung specs mention a Geomagnetic Sensor (I assume this facilitates an electronic compass) but not a Barometric Sensor?

When you recommend a smartphone as more functional do you mean for the intended purpose of outdoor GPS navigation? Or just that is capable of much more in addition to the navigation?

Obviously a smartphone has a camera. I would probably get a text plan (not voice or data). Take advantage of wifi hotspots. Probably put some music on it. Likely discover other apps that will be useful. Clearly a smartphone has some possibilities. Duh ...

I don't have navigation in my vehicle. I know the smartphone could fulfill that role, could the hiking GPS as well?

I see the phone is 16 GB with 10 GB usable. The GPS has 8 GB, not sure how much usable.

Seems like used Galaxy S5 Neo's on eBay are averaging CA$156 after shipping while used eTrex 10's are averaging CA$99 after shipping.

So I guess my main question is the necessity for a high sensitivity receiver? I went for a walk with my son's iPad the other night and the GPS lost signal so often it was rendered useless.

Electronic compass and a barometric altimeter would be nice but I could live without them.

Thanks to anyone that lasted this far,
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