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I was in the same boat just last week. Came real close to purchasing the eTrex20 for some of the reasons you mention. But I read info similar to what TrailBoss provided and followed his advice.

The one thing I was still worried about was battery life on my cell phone. I like the idea of having spare batteries along that I could slip into the GPS. This because my older smart phone (an iPhone 4s) used to regularly die on the first night out - and I usually camp the night before hiking so it was useless.

A few minor adjustments though: I now sleep with my smart phone to keep it warm. Goes right in the sleeping bag with me. Getting kind of crowded in there with the Sawyer water filter and alky fuel but it works. The phone is alive the next day. Still though I invested in a 12000Mah cell phone charger ($15us). They make smaller ones but this one claims to be able to charge a smartphone 4x. Since both my daughter and I carry iPhones I figured the extra weight was worth it.

I use Gaia GPS, which allowed me to export maps from CalTopo with waypoints and routes defined.

I had no trouble checking location along the trail this last weekend. Never really tried it with thick overhead, would just make a point of pulling it out here and there along the way.

And I am not sure but I think TB is suggesting an older smartphone without a plan. You would not be able to make calls or text but could use wifi, camera and GPS.
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