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Both the Deerland Lean-tos tend to be very popular. Any given weekend sees a steady stream of hopeful campers parking and walking down, hoping to find one of the lean-tos available. On a Thursday night your chances of finding an open lean-to are better than on a Friday afternoon, but still not great. I'd definitely have a backup plan in mind.

There is another lean-to a bit further upriver that is also accessible via a short walk in from the road, at Pine Brook (it's shown on the USGS topo maps). This shelter is also quite popular but it's at worth at least checking if the Deerland Lean-tos are full.

Worst case scenario, you could always check Forked Lake and/or Lake Eaton to see if there are any open sites (the state campgrounds usually put up a list of what sites are open for the night at the front booth after the staff leaves for the evening).
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