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Originally Posted by Terasec View Post
this online site rents wall tents for $200

but personally for that price or maybe a little more can find used on cList
i bought a used kodiak tent, used maybe once , near new condition on clist for $300
there are also used military tents can find for cheap
a factor in such tents are the weight,
how do you plan on using it? camping near the car? dragging it?
with tent and poles they usually weigh 70-100 lbs depending on size,

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10' Hunting


8" x 10' Wall Tent
Summit Ridge Woodburning
Stove 28" x 16" x 13" OR Light weight Ellis Folding Stove

The 8' x 10' hunting tent rental package is a great cook tent or it's suitable for up to 2 hunters with a stove. It's small, but it's much lighter and easier to heat than our larger canvas wall tents. This is our least expensive tent to ship and is often paired with our lighter weight Ellis Folding Stove.
Interesting. Nice setup..
I'm confident that if I buy I'll get a return on investment very quickly with enjoyable trips. I used to rent a canoe at St. Regis...$40+ a day for a few adds up to the purchase price in no time.. they were great..but I know that having my own will be the more cost effective choice.
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