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I camped at Round Lake a couple years ago.
There is indeed a trail along Round Lake stream, which can be used to reach Winding Falls, however, I didn't follow it all. It begins on the right side of the old dam, where the rapids begin. From what I've read, you can carry your canoe along the trail past the rapids & flumes for a little over a mile to flat water again.
I floated around & fished for a while but didn't catch anything.
Most of the campsites on the east shore were all already occupied when I arrived early on that Friday morning of 4th of July weekend, so I can't reallly comment on those sites but...
Site 1 was open & looked nice, but I opted to press on since it was early.
Sites 2-5 were taken.
Site 6 was overgrown with weeds & obviously didn't get much use.
Site 7 was very muddy & very unappealing IIRC.
Site 8 was ok but a bit far off the lake & uphill.
Site 9 was pretty nice, but also a bit muddy. Another old road leads out the back of this campsite, which I did walk for a liitle while just get out of the canoe & stretch the legs a bit.
I ended up camping at Site 10 which was nice, but it's also off the water a bit & up a short rise.
Site 11 was pretty nice also.
The other thing I remember about that trip was the wind was mostly calm that first day & evening, and I had a hard time escaping the constant noise from the generator at Whitney Headquarters.
Here's a link to the DEC map.
Hope this helps some, I'm sure other folks will chime in as well.

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