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Alphabet/Google. How many of their products, out of their extensive hodge-podge of products, have they inadvertently or intentionally knee-capped or taken out behind the barn?

Next up is Hangouts. Allo (messaging) and Duo (video/voice) are slated to replace Hangouts for consumers. Hangouts is to be transitioned for business use. There's also Google Messenger which is like Allo; I wouldn't be surprised if it gets a retirement party in the not too distant future.

Thank goodness GMail is safe from this chaos. Oh wait a sec, Google also offers Inbox ...

At least Google didn't do what Microsoft did with OneDrive in May 2015. They eliminated the ability to link OneDrive photos to web-sites, blogs, forums, etc. Not only did they fail to announce the change to their clients they never acknowledged being responsible for the alteration. People began complaining that their linked photos were disappearing after 24 hours. Their support department gave people misleading and ridiculous instructions to "fix the problem" (like try opening a new OneDrive account!). It took them nine months to correct the problem. I had used OneDrive for years and gave up on it after 2 months of "talk to the hand" from Microsoft. Portions of my blog still have broken photo links. Someday I'll get around to fixing all those busted links ... and be reminded of Microsoft's disdain for its customers.

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