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I', 6' 3" and 220lbs. I built a wood strip boat of my own design to fit my own personal criteria. I wanted a fast cruising boat that I could use tripping with 60 to 70 lbs of gear if needed, handle the rough afternoon waves on the big Adirondack lakes, be maneuverable enough to paddle the Oswagatchie and similar water and paddle the occasional stretch of class 11+ whitewater.

The boat I built is 16'8" long 30 1/4" wide, about 29 1/2" at the nominal waterline, tumblehome gunwales just under 25", Depth at center 13 3/4" , cant remember the bow stern height of the top of my head but about 21" and 17". The hull is asymmetrical with 1 3/4" rocker in the bow and 1 1/4" in the stern. Cross section in the middle has some roundness in it. What is unique is that I built in quite a bit of flair in the bow above the waterline to give more buoyancy to ride up over big waves and in whitewater. Because this flair is above the waterline it doesn't effect the flat water speed. I have a sliding bucket seat on a pedestal with an adjustable foot brace, which allows both marathon style paddling for speed and distance as well as double kneeling for control and comfort. I also do a lot of single kneel paddling, on long trips I'll switch between all three techniques. I've got 3/8" foam closed sell foam glued to the bottom of the hull in front of the seat pedestal and back along the sides so my knees and shins are padded when kneeling.
Wood strip construction with 4 oz. cloth , 2 layers on the bottom below the waterline and several extra layers at bow and stern where the most wear is.
All up with a home made portage yoke it weighs in at 38 1/2 lbs.

It does everything I want, fun for a leisurely day paddle, I fly fish out of it , I've done a few class 11 rapids in it and paddled it at the ACA Open Canoe Downriver Nationals in the sprint event which was some good class 3 water, but that was unloaded of course. And it's perfect , in my opinion, for it's main purpose of tripping. I did 386 miles on the Connecticut River with it in 9 days, which is nearly 43 mile a day average. And it has become my go to boat for paddling in the Adirondacks.

John M.
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