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I'm going to keep an eye on this thread. I'm a big guy and I've done probably 10 canoe camping trips up there, generally going from middle to lower Saranac Lake. Last year we did it on a weekend in the fall with 40mph gusts and waves like I have never seen in a canoe.

Wind was pushing us sideways right down the like like we were nothing. Anyhow, that was the only time we ever sank, and it was because we took too much water over the rail. We had a fully loaded Grumman 17 (with outriggers) but I am 6'7" 375# and the guy up front was 6' 165. Never had it ever occurred to us that I needed to get down off the seat and kneel, but that is what I will do from now on.

At any rate, I have decided that solo is best for me, either sitting or kneeling.... but I don't want to use that 17. So I am in the market for a used Grumman, either the G129 Solo, or the 13 or 15 foot model. Ideally, I think I'd like the G129 or the 15 footer for extra capacity.

As amazing some of these kevlar boats are, they are not for me. First, I can't afford anything like that, and second, I am a Grumman man to the end. (My Grandfather and Uncle worked there for decades)

Our next trip is actually a 4 day river trip in Maine, and I want to have my act together so I am not a liability for that. I hate when my size necessitates special arrangements, so I want to minimize that.

Looks like the Grumman's I mentioned can handle my weight and the probably 100# of gear I will have. 50# for the G129 is cake for portage for me. 69# for the 15' is still doable but now we are talking misery.

Went out last weekend on Lower in an Old Town Discovery 158. We tried it with 3 people and gear and were for sure going to capsize because of my high center of mass and sitting up on the seat. We made 2 trips, and with me and my two friends it was much better, but now that I have really researched, I will kneel from now on.

Anyhow.... Howdy!

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