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Turns = control of both direction and speed. Having skis with a minimum of 20mm sidecut, boots with laterally and tortionally stiff soles, and some variation of cable binding to transmit power to the skis is the first step. Becoming skilled in at least a tele turn and preferebly a parallell turn (in the back country, not just on piste) is the second. Beware the rationale that suggests learning to turn on straight, skinny skis, then getting a more turney set up. This is almost an impossible task.

Survival techniques if you don't have the above.

1. If you have skins, put them on when you head downhill to slow yourself down. You will need to to step turns for direction change.

2. Take 3' of para chord or similar line, starting at the bindings criss cross the line under the ski then over such that you have a diamond pattern of line on the bottom surface. Tie the lines off behind the binding heel plate. Turns your skis into snowshoes.

3. Take em off and walk down.

4. Apply too warm a wax or klister and tromp around in powder to build up snow on ski bottoms. Again turns skis into (heavy) snowshoes.

5 If below freezing, dump skis in water. Results = #4 above.

6. All these techniques enhanced with the aft paddle strategy
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