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I have the 800e, Zeiss & Nikon FX lenses, etc. Expect a learning curve to get the most out of it... they are great cameras, and they will not hold you back.

Buy one of these, mine paid for itself exactly 100 times what i paid for it by protecting my gear perfectly if you plan on taking it into your canoe (LOL like you aren't). . In fact, soon after you saw me at Essex chain. Was getting back in on a beaver dam between 1st and 2nd, breeze had pushed out the front, so i climbed in over the back deck and my guideboat teetered for just a split second when the sharp keel rested on top of a hidden submerged beaver stick.. that's all it took to dip the edge far enough to fill the boat instantly- everything was floating free in a wink, i wasn't even in the boat yet! . Had to fish them out i with an oar... including my camera- which was dry as a bone!

Heavy- yep, but that camera won't take a dunk, or inadvertent tip, or drop in the muck - or even dust, rain etc. etc. Best investment i ever made- camera status is a total non-worry when locked inside... and rule is- top closed and latched- never closed and unlatched...ever - even for a second. I can get the camera body with 21mm attached, and a 105 vertically tucked in a corner in this small case. They do have a lighterweight version i think would be fine. Just measure carefully your dimensions and plan on foam thickness.

Post pics!
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