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Delorme (now owned by Garmin) has a product called the Inreach Explorer. It's a 2-in-1 navigation GPS and Satellite communication device. The older version of the device doesn't display an actual map, though it did show waypoints and routes. The newer version does show maps on the device itself.

There is an app (called Earthmate) which pairs your mobile phone with this device and allows you to download and store offline maps. It offers lots of different layers: US Topo, Sat imagery, several detailed digital maps, nautical maps. There is also an option to get a version that shows hunting unit information. It does a very good job depicting private and public lands. Between all the different layers, you can see pretty much every form of public land: State parks, WMA's, wilderness, wild forest, primitive areas; national wildlife refuges, national forests, other state and federal lands.

It's a very good app and device for hunting, hiking and general backcountry use. It does require a monthly subscription, but if you're out in the woods a lot, it is well worth the cost.
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