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I have a 60Csx, two of them as a matter of fact, that I use pretty much exclusively for SAR and canoe racing (to monitor target speed), plus for navigating the Yukon River races. It performs very well for those utility needs. battery life on the Yukon is more than 24 hours. I also bought a 62Cx and I hate it. it is nothing like the older model. The function displays are terrible, and the most I can get out of a set of lithium batteries is 7 hours. it always dies at 7 hours like clockwork, making it useless for long marathon races, and marginal for SAR. Most of my travel in the Adirondacks is by bushwhack, far off trail. I don't use any gps for that, because at least half my pleasure and reason for being out there in the first place is to navigate freely with map and compass.
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