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I know a lease is a lease and thats it, and as I mention before, having leased property, we were well aware that at any moment we could lose it or it could become unreasonable to keep the lease, which is exactly what happened. Was it sad, yup, but we knew that it probably would happen at some point and actually was a blessing because it forced us to buy our own property and we have never looked back. I aslo know in reality that property taxes will be the biggest threat to the land but the point that I was arguing was that the majority of the land in the park should be public land and that it was beneficial to the eviroment and wildlife to have it this way and this was the way the majority want it. I do agree and stated previously that there are areas that I would like to see in some way opened up to public whether it's some type of easment or the State taking over total ownership of that property. I personally think what makes the Adirondack park so unique is the mix of private and public land that you don't get in many other parks and look how much people love this place. Whichever view you have of what the park should be, look at how strongly each side supports thier ideas. Behind it all is their love for the Adirondacks. I understand why you and others would have a hard time rallying around keeping these large tracts of private land, but it's the same basic reason that the groups who lease these lands have a hard time rallying around giving it up to the state. You would like to enjoy the same land that they are in you're own ways, and they want to be able to keep enjoying the land the way that they are. I think this biggest issue is trying to find some common ground between the two sides and work together for the better of the Adirondacks and each others intrests and not just our own. It all comes down to something that I was taught at a very young age, respect. I respect your want to open up some of the more desirable locations in the adirondacks and support you on it, and I ask that you respect my wanting to keep some areas of private land, even some of the large tracts, private and we should all get along just fine.
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