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Good advice from DS, as usual. Before I add my two cents, I want to say that the fact that your daughter wants to do a hiking project with dad is absolutely wonderful no matter what you end up completing! Heart warming to read!

We were just talking this morning about how difficult it is to predict "spring" conditions in any given year. You will definitely avoid most of the bugs, which usually start in this area in late May. For whatever reason, no matter what the weather does, the start date for the bugs does not change too much.

But the surface conditions can vary widely. I remember at least a couple years where it got hot (like 70) in mid march, and all the snow was burned away to dry trails by the end of march. Other years we've hiked in snow right up to the end of may bugs. No predicting it.

DS is right also about being careful. If you do go in "winter" conditions, look to the shortest hikes, like Baker. Also, see if you can recruit some additional company. It's a lot better to have 4 adults if someone gets in trouble than just one adult and one kid.
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