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You were right, I ain't got it. I have the 1947 reprint of the 1900-1901 survey. No trace of any road near Dismal pond other than a trail from Salmon Lake to Hawk Pond.

Originally Posted by pondhopper
CW- That's cool and although, it's unlikely you'll find such a's mighty nice of you to try. PS- It won't say "Moynehan Rd.", it'll just be a dotted line running from "Dismal P." to a landing on the "Beaver River"- near "Trout P.'s Outlet".

Footnote (since, I'm sure people can relate): Dad left one of these at camp that got stole. And the next to the last day that he was to retire from IPC, the people @ the headquarters gave him a huge tube filled w/old maps, including several of this particular map. He leaned the tube in a corner of his office, near the trashcan and forgot to take it home that night. When, he came back to work for his last day, he discovered that the janitor had thrown the maps out along with the trash.
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