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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
You sure seem to take the spiritual world rather seriously.
Judging from a few of your posts about certain areas in the Moose River Plains and Mt Tom, and your little 'spiritual mini-totems', you must have a good ghost story to tell ...don't you?

I watch "Ghost Hunters", I'm a believer!

Growing up in my parents house, which was built in 1898 (I think), I have experienced some very un-explainable things during the 15+ years I lived there. I usually always just dismissed it as "Oh that's nothing, it's just Flo."
Flo (Florence) is the old lady that past away in my old bedroom a few years before my parents bought the house. Flo is definitely not a bad ghost, but every now and again, I still have one of those crazy weird dreams where I'm back in that house and there's some crazy spiritual activity going on.

Paddlewheel might be able to tell you more about Flo, after all, he still lives in that house!
Hell, Justin, I'm scared sh!t of this stuff! The only reason I look into it, is so I know how to avoid it, and which places to avoid. I created my line of spiritual mini-totems in the hopes they ward off anything before I can see it. So far I haven't had any complaints of failure by users of my totems.

Your "Flo" spirit reminds me of something really stupid I did once in my early teen years...all the more dangerous since I was a regular churchgoer and should have known better.

I was probably watching too many spook/devil movies at the time, and I guess out of curiosity, I decided to play "spirit man". I painted a candle black and placed it on a piece of paper on which I drew something similiar to the Led Zeppelin "ZOFO" symbols. I turned off all the lights and lit the candle. As I was babbling some stupid nonsense along the lines of "spirits, I summon you to enter my realm...", I felt a very, very cold breeze blow against me. At the time, we were going through a heatwave; the basement windows were closed, and the outside air was dead it occured to me quite quickly that this cold breeze came from out of nowhere. Well, it scared the crap out of me...what was I thinking? I thought this only happened in Hollywood movies. I apologized to God, destroyed the candle, went back upstairs to where Mom and Dad were, and never did it again.
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