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I did live in a house where the bath faucets would turn on anywhere from 1 minute to hours later after going to bed. The only problem I had with that is that the faucet had turn knobs (and were always turned on as high as they could go) and not levers. Levers I could see potentially slipping on but turn knobs....I don't know about that. Then there was a spot on our living room floor that would aquire weird things. One day I would come home and find every piece of footware piled up high (even ones that were behind closed closet doors). Another time the cupboard that contained all the tupperware was emptied out and stacked on the same spot. The 3rd time it happend it was all the stuff from the dry-goods pantry (flour,pastas and baking supplies) again piled or stacked on the same spot. Another thing that would happen is the dog and cat would always get fed if we were out late. We then put the dog food in a spare bedroom closet with the room and closet door closed before we left, only to come home and find both doors opened the the new 50lb bag opened at the top!! The other thing I did to try and prevent the animals from getting into the food was to put the catfood in a glass applesauce jar and store it in the cupboard above the stove. Came home that night to find the cupboard door open the lid to the jar on the stove and the large glass jar unbroken on the floor.....pets fed again! The last weird thing was getting ready to go to a picnic with 2 1/2 dozen chocolate cookies. I set them on the table for less than a minute to grab something, came back out and the plate was clean with the dog acting very strange. The very last thing to happen was ......we moved out. We found out that both of the elderly parents died in the house.
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