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Question PBW Spitfire or Swift ADK 13.6

I have done a search and looked for comparisons but have not turned up much.

I need some help. I have been building strip canoes and kayaks for over 30 years. Built my first in high school. I am finally giving in and looking for a light weight pack canoe that I wouldn't mind dragging around the ADK and Canada without having to refinish it when i get home.

I live in PA but have retired and really enjoy getting out on my own or with a buddy for a few days. Ive seen and paddled the Swift 13.6 and really like the seat and the responsiveness. I don't have any experience with the Spitfire
other than watching one paddle by a couple times. Does anyone have any experience with both canoes?

I really would like to hear your thoughts. My plan is to get one tis coming spring.
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