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Thanks for the Info

Thank you all for the information and comments. I believe I have found a home of like minded people here when it comes to getting out and enjoying what mother natures has blessed us with. Before some idiot destroys it for a $

The problem I have with not keeping my strippers in top condition is in my head. That and the fact that my kids have all laid claims to them when I'm gone. lol.

A little about me.
I live in the WB Scranton area, 5'10", weigh in at 190+, and looking to use the canoe for fishing locally and day trips to 7 day multi portage hidden gem pond hops in a float plane.

At this point I don't want to build another boat. I just want to enjoy being on the water and in the back country. Without having paddled one, My concerns for the SF 13 is the seat and with the shape if it would be as effortless to paddle as the swift. It appears to have much more tumble home which would make it more stable in the big water. Of course this is all from reading the specs and looking that the pictures.
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