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I originally had all 3 of the available drop in seats that Joe offered for my RF. But for single blade paddling I wanted to sit higher. I knew Joe had a high rail mounted seat that he used when racing. When I asked him to install one in mine, he was reluctantly cautious, because most people, including him, paddle those boats with a double blade kayak paddle. I wanted to go single blade. So I got the high seat mounted on in-line rails to allow fore and aft trim. I love the configuration and do not find the boat be "tippy" at all. Actually, the amount of tip or heel I get is helpful for maneuverability. The seat is mounted with a forward 15 degrees drop in front, the best angle for racing. Because of that, the backband is not used. For other customers, I believe that Joe has strengthened the mid-section hull enough to allow for a drop seat hanging from the gunwales, but that has to be built into the boat during construction and is not an option for me now.
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