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Let me address your ignorance. I hunted that island in the 90's when the call to exterminate the deer went out. All one had to do was pick up a permit, kill a deer and get handed another permit on the spot. NO LIMIT!!! There were signs everywhere inviting hunters to go on private property to kill them!!
No tag limit hunting is not unheard of for certain species and in certain areas, nor is it indicative of a potential for localized extirpation. For example, when the season starts, there is no limit on coyote hunting in NY because their numbers are very high in this state and because they are very well capable of sustaining those numbers, or growing, in spite of hunting pressure.

You seemed to be implying in your earlier post that there was drastic, and overly reactive, swing from not hunting deer at all to killing them all off. My question to you is: is there still a resident deer population in Martha's Vineyard? I already know the answer to that, and I suspect you do too.

Originally Posted by samsbud View Post
Perhaps if you were not so focused on pushing your agenda you might have allowed the 90 seconds for me to add a sentence and clear a misspelling. Then you might have tried to seriously to comprehend my premise.
You weren't fixing a spelling error. You added a whole new paragraph that wasn't there when I originally responded to that post. Let's just leave it at that.

Originally Posted by samsbud View Post
Obviously you do not have that capacity, or are unable to think outside your limited bubble.

Now, I am not here to convince you of anything; if you want to deny reality and think biologists control the agenda, please feel free to continue to delude yourself. Your free to do so and I can care less.

By they way I did NOT say the plans by biologists are not worthwhile or a waste of time; AGAIN they DO NOT control the ultimate decision; POLITICIANS DO!
I think you should make the effort to be a bit more civil in this discussion. You're throwing around some fairly inflammatory phrases. I've taken the time to reference numerous examples on this issue and even link wildlife field reports to make my points.

You seem 100% certain that politicians control and dictate wildlife management and have yet to provide any proof, links or supporting evidence which demonstrates that. The state and federal legislatures do play a role in that they pass broad, generic wildlife and environmental regulations. However is it the federal and state wildlife agencies which actually determine many of the details (tag #'s, hunting seasons, zones, ect.).

I think there is overwhelming evidence to support my statement, but if you disagree please provide some of your own evidence so we can have a meaningful discussion.
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