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Originally Posted by samsbud View Post
Sir, I have been around your types all of my life and know there is no way to have any kind of discourse that comes close to objective debates. If you think that politicians do not control what happens with these animals and only rely on the biologists, fine, have it your way and just keep deluding yourself and have a nice life.
A quick bit of advice: you're not going to last too long here if you insist on this kind of discourse. The mods here aren't too fond of personal attacks or derogatory comments. I realize that's entirely subjective, but stuff like "ignorance," "bubble," "your types," at least in the context that you were using them, are generally frowned upon here.

If you want to have a discussion on America's mountain lion population and the management techniques used by certain states, let's have at it. I thought I gave a well-articulated and well-supported response on how mountain lions have been managed. You chose to zero in on one specific sentence in that post, and all of your replies have been pure rhetoric thus far.

Do you have an opinion on the original topic, and if so what are the supporting facts and studies for that opinion?
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