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i havent found regs on cache food/supplies
other than not being allowed to leave personal property in state lands
there are regs on geocaching which they do make exceptions for with strict guidelines
in geocaching regs , state wildlife agency must be notified and no food may be cached

Geocaching provides park visitors an opportunity to learn about nature and enjoy the outdoors.
Left unmanaged however, this activity has the potential to damage natural and historic
resources and can pose a possible risk to visitors. Placing caches in locations such as cliffs or
underwater is prohibited. Items must not be left caches that are either dangerous to visitors or
inappropriate for children. Caches shall not be placed in ecologically sensitive areas, or in
areas that are far from established trails, because of the potential environmental damage from
trampling. No food or materials attractive to wildlife shall be cached and no cache shall be
Any visitor wishing to place a cache must complete an application for a geocache placement
permit, which requires review and authorization by the park manager or designee. The permit
process will provide for review of all geocache placements to ensure the protectio
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