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Originally Posted by Terasec View Post
i havent found regs on cache food/supplies
other than not being allowed to leave personal property in state lands
there are regs on geocaching which they do make exceptions for with strict guidelines
in geocaching regs , state wildlife agency must be notified and no food may be cached
That's good information (thanks for finding and sharing it ), but it should be pointed out that those regulations don't apply to the Adirondack State Park. State land in the Adirondack Park is under the jurisdiction of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, not the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation (with a couple of tiny exceptions).

Having 2 completely different agencies that manage public lands in NY State does get a bit confusing, but it's sort of like the difference at the federal level between the National Park Service and the US Forest Service. Both agencies have similar end goals (protection of public resources) with different specific objectives with regards to how to achieve those goals. The NPS is more of a preservation-minded agency, while the USFS focuses more on conservation. In NY State, OPRHP generally fulfills the preservation role, while the DEC focuses more on conservation.

Of course, at the federal level, there's a clear distinction between National Parks and National Forests, making it easier to recognize which agency is in charge when entering public lands. In NY State, we have State Parks that are managed by OPRHP, and State Parks that are managed by the DEC, which further adds to the confusion with regards to regulations at the state level. (I've personally witnessed groups from NYC in the Adirondack State Park who thought that the regulations were same as in Harriman State Park- no group size limits, and all tents must be pitched within 300 feet of a shelter.)

With regards to caching on DEC lands, the only regulations I've found that would conceivably apply are as follows:

190.4 Camping permits. (c) Upon termination of camping all equipment and supplies must be removed from State land. The storage of personal property on State lands is prohibited.

190.8 General. (e) Any tent or other camping structure left unoccupied for more than 48 hours may be taken down or removed by the department.

190.8 General. (w) No person shall erect, construct, install, maintain, store, discard or abandon any structure or any other property on State lands or subsequently use such structure or property on State lands, except if the structure or property is authorized by the department or is:
(1) a geocache that is labeled with the owner’s name and address and installed in a manner that does not disturb the natural conditions of the site or injure a tree;
(2) a camping structure or equipment that is placed and used legally pursuant to this Part;
(3) a legally placed trap or appurtenance that is placed and used during trapping season;
(4) a tree stand or hunting blind that does not injure a tree, is properly marked or tagged with the owner’s name and address or valid hunting or fishing license number, and is placed and used during big game season, migratory game bird season, or turkey season; or
(5) a wildlife viewing blind or stand that is placed for a duration not to exceed 30 days in one location per calendar year, does not injure a tree, and is properly marked or tagged with the owner's name and address or valid hunting or fishing license number.
Whether food caches on the NPT would be permitted under the regulations is unclear at best.

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