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That all these people, both within and without the process, are able to openly state their opinions is further assurance that the process works. Show me two people who don't disagree about anything and I'll applaud you. Show me hundreds, even thousands, of people from diverse cultures and with diverse interests who do not disagree about anything and I'll keel over dead. If the shock doesn't kill me I'll do it voluntarily. I swear I will.

So once again, friction, disagreement, differences of opinion. These are all a part of EVERY process. They do not mean the process is broken. They mean the process is working. When a bunch of people get together and all we hear about is that everything was great and everyone agrees, then we have trouble.
I think this quote shows how the IPCC Summary process really works. Its true the main AR-5 report was untouched but that's because the public and press don't really read it.

Dr. Robert Stavins:

"Several of the CLAs present with me in Berlin commented that given the nature and outcome of the week, the resulting document should probably be called the Summary BY Policymakers, rather than the Summary FOR Policymakers."
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