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Bear Encounter at Uphill Lean to

We (3 ladies) were staying at the Lean To last week and had a bear come out of the woods towards us about 7:00 am. We made tremendous noise, banging, yelling, etc, etc, but he was not daunted (large male). He got to about 12 feet of us and we got our bear sprays ready to go. Just before the lean to, he veered left, but was clearly not at all concerned by us. Just wanted breakfast. We learned he next visited some other nearby campers where he hovered outside of one camper's tent for a bit. They also had trouble getting rid of him. He was not an agressive bear, however, he could be dangerous. Sad to see what human carelessness has done in the ADK's. I saw TONS of garbage, leftovers, etc, this year at the lean to's and campsites, way more than in the past. My recommendation is to CARRY BEAR SPRAY. The ranger told us to spray as soon as you can get it on the bear as they will develop a negative association with people.I won't go without it anymore, that's for sure!
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