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Originally Posted by Trail Boss View Post
The DEC uses bean bags and dogs to drive off habituated bears? I'd like to know more.

Where did you learn about it? Is there a DEC article about it somewhere? Is it used throughout the ADK Park or only in specific areas? Do they only do it to drive off bears near populated places or throughout the backcountry (like near heavily-used campsites)?
I haven't seen any articles on that topic. However, both techniques are specifically listed in the DEC's bear response manual:
The manual refers to rubber buckshot (not bean bag rounds) but the intent behind such ammo is pretty much the same: deterrence, not lethality.

I've also talked to houndsmen in NY who have been called upon to run out problem bears. Under certain circumstances (i.e. a bear keeps getting into a farmer's crops or goes after livestock) bear can actually be hunted and killed by licensed houndsmen, though a special permit is required (similar to the deer management permits that some farmers get issued). Little known fact: there is actually a legal bear hound training season in NY, despite the use of hounds being illegal for actual hunting seasons. Other than it used to be a fairly common hunting tradition here (and still is in other northeastern and Great Lakes states), I suspect the main reason for that training season is so that the DEC has a pool of experienced houndsmen (and hounds) to call upon if they have to deter, or remove, a problem bear.
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