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Originally Posted by rdl View Post
That's all great info -- thanks...

Would a fall trip(and possibly lower water levels) change much regarding paddling and/or carries on this route ?

Annd at an average pace, about how long would this route take ?
The total distance of your route is 61.4 miles +/-. Only you can answer how long it will take you to make mileage on that trip. A lot depends on weather and wind as well as your own paddling endurance ability and pace, plus the need for any rest stops. Carries will always take longer than you expect. My canoe team annually paddles the Cannonball-90 (the traditional 90 mile route from Old Forge to Saranac Lake all in one day) in about 19-20 hours at a brisk but not necessarily a racing pace.

I wouldn't expect much change in water levels in that particular route for a fall trip unless we have an unusually dry summer. The official 90-mile race is held in September and I don't ever notice much water level difference from the same route in June. Occasionally the Raquette River may run a little low below Long Lake, but nothing to be concerned about.
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