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Thanks for all this useful information WIldrns!

The 3.75 mile carry from Forked Lake to the Lean-to, I am assuming that also passes by the second set of rapids on the Raquette River after Buttermilk, is that correct?

One of the weeks we are looking at would be July 4th, but my assumptions are that most these bodies of waters will be full of motor boats. Looking to head out the weekend before the 4th and end up in the Saranacs around the end of the week. That would probably put us at Long Lake around July 4th. Is this a bad idea? Would most lean-tos be taken up at this time? I know 4th of July can be quite crazy in some regions, but some could also be empty. We did the 9 carries in St Regis Canoe Wilderness last July 4th and had Fish Pond to ourselves! I know we wont have lakes to ourselves, but will it be overcorwded?
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